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More London bombings

I've been so preoccupied with the debate here, about whether Islam is more likely than other major religions to inspire violent extremism in its followers, that I neglected to note the second wave of coordinated terror attacks to hit London in the past two weeks.

Thankfully, this round failed to go off as the terrorists planned. Bloomberg News reports:

London police are hunting four "would-be" bombers after three subway trains and a bus were targeted with explosives that failed to detonate yesterday, the second act of terrorism on the U.K. capital in two weeks.

As passengers escaped without injury from Warren Street, Oval and Shepherds Bush subway stations and from a double-decker bus in east London, four suspected terrorists also fled, leaving behind vital evidence, police said.
Sadly, I suspect that the culprits may once again be part of that nefarious gang, A Tiny Percentage Of All Muslims™. However, I remain open to the possibility that the bomb attempts were in fact the work of militant Christian anti-abortionists.

Via LGF, Australia's The Age reports that terrorists struck again just today (Saturday), this time in Egypt:
At least 50 people died when a string of suspected car bombs ripped through hotels and bazaars in the Egyptian Red Sea tourist resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Medical sources said at least 50 people died in the blasts and rescue officials said another 150 were wounded, 120 of them seriously.

Britons, Dutch, Qataris, Kuwaitis and Egyptians were among the casualties, police sources said.

Shaken tourists spoke of mass panic and hysteria as people fled bomb after bomb, with bodies strewn across the roads.

The rescue official, who asked not to be named, said many wounded were Egyptian workers who had gathered at a cafe in the old market.

He said 17 of the dead were burnt beyond recognition by the explosions, apparently caused by up to seven car bombs planted near hotels and bazaars frequented by tourists.
The article does not mention who carried out or claimed responsibility for the attacks. However, I can't definitively prove that there were no militant Christian anti-abortionists in Sharm el-Sheikh at the time.

The Associated Press reports that a group calling itself "Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Al Qaeda", has claimed responsibility for the Egypt attacks.

And the AP also reports that another Al Qaeda-linked group, the Abu Hafs al Masri Brigades, has claimed responsibility for the most recent London bomb attempts. Authorities are skeptical, however, because the group has made dubious claims of responsibility in the past.


Anonymous said...

White militant Christian anti-abortionist 90 year-old women

Posted by RFTR

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how Malcom X's brand of Islam never inspired these kinds of attacks. The stuff he believed in specifically taught that Caucasians were "white devils", and yet I don't recall any reprisals from the black Muslim community. It seems to validate racial profiling that only people from the Middle East have been pulling this kind of stuff. 

Posted by Dave



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