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Hit by rebels, Nepal bans riding two-up

The BBC reports:

Authorities in Nepal have banned passengers from riding on the back of motorcycles in the capital Kathmandu for security reasons.

A government statement said that the country's Maoist rebels had been using motorcycles to launch attacks.

Some 12,000 people have died in the 10-year Maoist insurgency that is aimed at replacing Nepal's monarchy with a communist republic.

Pillion riding is already banned in other parts of the country.

The BBC's correspondent in Kathmandu says the latest security measure has come amid speculation that rebels could target government installations and security personnel in the capital.
If these guys are ready to do drive-by shootings, does the Nepalese government really expect them to obey a new law against carrying a passenger?


Anonymous said...

I think the point may be that if people who do obey the law stop riding two-up, then the guy on his way to a hit will be spotted and possibly prevented more easily.

Think about it: a ban on driving cars to stop car bombings might draw the same response from you--but if there was only one car moving in all of Baghdad, do you have any doubt that we'd know what he was up to? 

Posted by RFTR

Anonymous said...

I believe in some parts of Iraq carpooling is required because car bombers usually ride alone. This supposedly makes the car bombers easier to spot. 

Posted by Dave



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