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China jails moms who have a second baby

Kyodo News reminds us what kind of people rule China:

Mrs Tao, 29, and her husband always knew there was something funny about the two-story yellow house in Cuxi Village, their hometown in Fujian Province in southern China.

At the house, attached to the township government compound, used to hang the sign "Population School." At some point the sign disappeared.

On April 14, when Tao went to Cuxi for a visit, she discovered what the house was for. That morning, a local family planning officer asked Tao, a former primary school teacher now living in Shenzhen, to see the deputy township chief.

They wanted to know whether rumors were true that she had given birth to a second baby, a violation of China's one-child policy, a measure under former Communist Party leader Deng Xiaoping to keep the world's largest population in check.

They knew Tao had a 5-year-old girl. Tao denied the second child. The deputy township chief ordered a spot medical check, which showed signs of a recent birth. Suddenly township government representatives she had never met asked her to go with them to the yellow house.
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