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A bit harsh

I am strongly in favor of tough penalties for morotcycle thieves, but even I have to think this, reported in last Thursday's Philippines-based Freeman, is too much:

A man was sentenced to 16 years in jail after Regional Trial Court Branch 6 Judge Anacleto Caminade found him “guilty beyond reasonable doubt” of stealing a motorcycle.

On January 2, 2000 at about 12:45 am, together with an unidentified person, Benjamin Lipar allegedly stole a Yamaha RS motorcycle with plate number GY 3531 worth P100,000 [about $2,500 at the time].

When arraigned, Lipar entered a plea of not guilty.

In his testimony, Juanito Siton said he parked his motorcycle about two meters away from a drugstore along Leon Kilat street as he was about to purchase some medicines.

Before he left his vehicle, he said he saw two men wearing crash helmets. When he was on his way to the pharmacy, the two men sped away onboard his motorcycle.

...Siton said Lipar’s small crash helmet was not able to cover his entire face making him recognizable.
Another good reason to wear full-face helmets, I suppose. Still, Lipar is lucky he wasn't in Burundi.




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