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The world's sexiest blog?

Lately, Riding Sun has been getting a lot of hits from search engines all over the world. The reason appears to be that this image from this post is coming up pretty high in the results when someone does an image search for "sexy".

As of this writing, ranks it as the number one result. You can also see it cropping up on the first page of results from Google, as well as Google's British, Japanese, and Saudi Arabian versions. I haven't checked all of Google's many country-specific sites, but I'll bet their rankings are similar.

I'm happy to get the hits, although I imagine I'm disappointing a large number of frisky international surfers, including 5 just today from Saudi Arabia:

But why are Saudis looking for porn on the Internet, anyway? Doesn't seem very Islamic of them.

Yes, I know, foreigners could be doing the Saudi Arabian searches. However, it seems unlikely that they would use an Arabic version of Google instead of one in their native language.




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