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Why I commute by motorcycle, pt. V

Previous posts in this series (1, 2, 3, 4) have focused on the delays and dangers associated with riding Japan's notoriously overcrowded commuter trains. This one looks at how hard it is to actually snag a seat on one of them. Reuters reports:

Look for women touching up their makeup. Learn the uniforms of schools along the route. Never stand in front of somebody who's sound asleep.

These are techniques that savvy Tokyo commuters use to get seats on the packed trains they take to work each day — techniques that have now been codified in a hot-selling book.

Titled "The Art of Grabbing a Seat on Commuter Trains," the 185-page book, which began as an email magazine put out by a 27-year-old office worker using the pen-name Hajime Yorozu, is filled with advice and diagrams detailing the best ways to claim a seat as early in the ride as possible.

"Japan's commuter situation has rightly been called hell," it advises. "So the game of musical chairs becomes a life or death struggle."
Indeed. Of course, Matt at No-Sword pointed out the book way back in April. Advantage: blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

Woo! And thanks to your link I just noticed there was a typo in my post, and fixed it. Self-correcting blogosphere! 

Posted by Matt



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