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Unseen Japan

The Mainichi Daily News has posted the winners of its "Unseen Japan" photo contest here. Entrants were asked to submit a photograph that "visualizes a rarely seen side of Japan." (It's a bit disappointing, then, that the winning shot is a picture of a taxicab.)

There's some more information on the contest here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comparison  between the recent China photos

Posted by Dan

Anonymous said...

Since I didn't enter (being a terrible photographer) I guess it's not my place to sneer too hard, but you're right. At least half of those are Japan-photo cliches so old and tired they should be taken to the mountain out back and left to die. Sigh.

I do like the one in the middle of the 2nd Prize row, though. That's an example of making an old cliche new. 

Posted by Matt



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