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Truck driver murders motorcyclists

The Associated Press reports on a shocking double-homicide from Pennsylvania:

A man angry about an argument chased down a motorcycle and rammed it with his pickup truck, killing the bike's two riders, state police said.

Edward A. Belch, 44, of McClellandtown, apparently got in an argument with the motorcycle's passengers Tuesday evening, authorities said. The two people then got on the motorcycle and left, and Belch followed them on state Route 21, passing other vehicles, until he hit the motorcycle, police said.

Terri Lynn Gresko, 44, and a 54-year-old man whom police didn't immediately identify died at the scene.

Belch was being held in the Fayette County jail Wednesday after being arraigned on two counts of criminal homicide Tuesday. It was not clear what the argument was or how Belch knew the other two people, state police said.
I'm trying to imagine what it was like for the two riders when they realized there was a pickup truck bearing down on them, its driver bent on murder. I hope they lock this guy up for a long time.

According to the Associated Press, Terri Lynn Gresko was Belch's ex-girlfriend, and Belch was under a restraining order to stay away from her:
Gresko got a restraining order against Belch in January 2004 after she filed court papers alleging that Belch had abused her and her children. Gresko, a mother of six, said Belch had bruised her and broken items in her house.

"He has thrown pliers at the children (and) kicks the dog," Gresko wrote in her request.

Belch, also of McClellandtown, told police after the crash that he was merely trying to pass the motorcycle and that he stopped to see if the victims were all right.

Witnesses, however, told investigators that Belch called Gresko, his former live-in girlfriend, by name and said, "I told you I was going to get you," police said. Witnesses also quoted Belch as saying he was going to spend the rest of his life in jail, police said.
I certainly hope he's right.




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