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Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets

JP from Japundit points out this Engadget post about Cardo Systems' new Scala Rider, a Bluetooth-based wireless headset for motorcycle helmets.

It can be attached to any helmet, unlike an integrated helmet-headset version that bike gear maker Momo Design announced last September:
Importantly, the photos in Cardo Systems' image gallery show the Scala Rider can be used with full-face helmets. I would have thought the bottom of the helmet would block the microphone, but apparently it doesn't. I wouldn't trade away face protection for the ability to chat on the phone.


Anonymous said...

That Momo setup would have really bad the wind noise through the mic when you're actually moving at any reaonable speed. That would make it pretty much useless except when you're stopped or moving very slowly. 

Posted by GarethB



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