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We're not sorry, but here's some cash

In the latest twist to China's anti-Japanese protests, a Chinese district has offered to pay damages to Japanese restaurants damaged by rioters. The Yomiuri Shimbun reports (scroll down):

The Changning District government in Shanghai will compensate Japanese restaurants and shops in the area for damage caused by protesters during Saturday's anti-Japanese demonstration, sources close to the restaurants said Monday.

The Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai, which is located in the district, confirmed the offer, but the Chinese central government in Beijing has not apologized for the damage.
Nice, but an apology would be better. And conducting diplomacy through traditional means, rather than by stage-managing violent protests, would be best of all.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I caught that news about the Chinese pay-offs. I hope the number of Japanese apparently canceling trips to China during Golden Week will hurt China's economy a bit, maybe cause the firing of some tourist industry workers who'll protest the protests. But I dream.

DId you catch the article about Caucasians predating East Asians in what is today western China? (free reg. needed)

I wonder how the ChiComs will spin this, especially as it might feed anti-Chinese sentiment among the Caucasian Uighurs. 

Posted by Comrade_Tovarich



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