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Something fishy at the Japan Times

Finding mistakes in the Japan Times is sort of like meeting someone through a dating service. It's not especially challenging, and you're ashamed to be there in the first place.

But some things are just too big to let slide. In today's editorial, "A Shark Goes Free", the good ol' JT commits a glaring error of marine biology:

An ocean away from here in Monterey Bay, Calif., aquarium officials last week freed a great white shark they had held captive for more than six months, a record for the much-mythologized species. While the creature's release was hailed by animal rights activists, the fact that she had been held at all has added fuel to the long-running debate over the treatment of large marine mammals — a debate that often focuses on Japan.
The shark is referred to as a mammal throughout the piece. But as even little kids know, sharks aren't mammals. They're fish.




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