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Rising to the occasion

On the way back from Chiba, my girlfriend and I stopped off at the Kanamara Festival in Kawasaki. Kanamara means "big iron penis" in Japanese slang, and the festival celebrates fertility.

Several hundred people turned out to suck on penis-shaped lolipops, drink sake from penis-shaped flasks, watch old Japanese women carve giant daikon radishes into penis shapes, and have their pictures taken astride a giant wooden penis:

The whole thing felt a bit like a tourist attraction, with as many foreigners as Japanese in attendance. But there was also a genuine Shinto ceremony, with various blessings and invocations solemnly uttered by a priest in ceremonial kimono and black cap. Finally, the fesitvities reached their... um, climax, as a massive pink penis was carried aloft through the streets of the town:

Some religions may frown on displays of sexuality, but Shinto never got the message.


Anonymous said...

And who says the Japanese people are repressed??? 

Posted by Chad

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great post. 

Posted by Paul

Anonymous said...

I showed this to a friend of mine and explained that it had something to do with a penis spirit. (This is a Shinto thing, right?)

Upon learning that Japan recognized such a thing as a penis spirit, my friend was forced to reach the same conclusion reached on last week's episode of South Park : "Japanese people have no souls." 

Posted by Joe

Anonymous said...

we have a day like that in america it is called V day (you know what the V is for, though we do get the pictures like the Japs do) 

Posted by cubicle

Anonymous said...

Now Thats hard to beat! 

Posted by Billy Budd



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