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Front suspension of disbelief

I saw this scooter at last weekend's Tokyo Motorcycle Show. It's got an unusual front suspension that does away with the traditional fork all together:

It slightly resembles the front swingarm on Bimota's Tesi, but it looks like a completely different design.

It was displayed at the booth of a small company called Axle Corp. that makes motor-assisted bicycles, but their website doesn't appear to have any information about it at all.

So far, this one's a mystery to me.


Anonymous said...

These new front suspension designs seem to come up every couple of years. This one looks to add a lot of unsprung weight - wonder how it handles? Best solution for fork flex I've found? A nice meaty Superbrace for my Concours. 

Posted by The Dread Pundit Bluto

Anonymous said...

Kaneda's Motorcycle Concept Website:



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