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China: The Saudi Arabia of Asia

Writing over at Japundit about China's encouragement of anti-Japanese riots, Ampotan makes an analogy that's so perfectly apt, I'm surprised I can't remember hearing it before:

Why would the Chinese government be interested in arousing and channeling popular emotion?

For starters, the same reason Middle Eastern despots over the years aroused and channeled popular discontent by allowing demonstrations against America and Israel — to deflect attention from their own brutal anti-democratic regimes.

Channeling the anger over a lack of political power against foreign elements is a good way to prevent the focus from falling on oneself.
That pretty much nails it.


Anonymous said...

The most significant difference is that China, for all its faults, cares about growth. The Saudi's provide to live in a dream world where oil revenue will take care of an exploding population and radical Islamism. 

Posted by Dan



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