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Still one thing missing...

In the New York Times, Warren Hoge reports that Kofi Annan himself is talking tough about cleaning up the U.N:

Secretary General Kofi Annan of the United Nations proposed sweeping reforms Sunday, recommending the expansion of the Security Council to reflect modern realities of global power and need, the restructuring of the discredited Human Rights Commission to keep rights violators from becoming members, and the adoption of a definition of terror that would end justifying it as an act of national resistance.

Annan will make the recommendations in a speech Monday to the General Assembly aimed at restoring confidence in the UN that has seriously lapsed because of bitter divisions over the war in Iraq, charges of mismanagement and corruption in the oil for food program and revelations of sexual misconduct by blue-helmeted peacekeepers.
Good ideas, all. But given Annan's close ties to, and ultimate responsibility for, the Oil-for-Food scandal, his laundry list of reforms is missing one key item: his own resignation.




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