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Rodent trip

It's a problem that's bedevilled bike enthusiasts for ages — how to share the thrill of motorcycling with your pet hamster?

Finally, a solution is at hand. Via the potentially-misleadingly-named Rubber Magazine, Pets International introduces the "Critter-Operated Chopper":

It's actually very similar to the 50cc scooters so common around Tokyo, except those have the hamster wheel in the engine.


Anonymous said...

It was bound to happen eventually... after all, Honda's been building cars with hamsters under the hood for decades... not to mention Kia. 

Posted by Brian

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Suzuki, Brian ! Where other cars have horses (and other Asian cars hamsters), Suzuki has crickets! You're better off buying the maker's cycles in each instance. 

Posted by Langtry



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