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Loud pipes slash necks

Motorcyclists who favor noisy exhaust systems ("loud pipes") say the extra noise is a safety feature that helps other people notice them. "Loud Pipes Save Lives" is their mantra.

Well, noise will get you noticed, but as the Yomiuri Shimbun reports, that's not always a good thing:

An unemployed man was arrested Sunday in Chofu, western Tokyo, for allegedly injuring an 18-year-old boy by slashing his neck with a knife. Police said the boy had angered the man by making loud noises with a motorcycle.

...Koba told the police he had been irritated by the noise of the teenager's motorbike and thought the boy would stop riding on the grounds of the apartment complex if he injured him.
Yep. And he'd probably also stop breathing.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Yeah, too bad the attacker won't be around to appreciate the lack of noise! 

Posted by Kaftan



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