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If this motorcycle crashes, just reboot it

JP, from the always-interesting Japundit, tipped me to this post about a guy who installed a desktop PC in his Kawasaki Z1000:

He uses it to record video from his helmet cam, and is planning to have it log data from his GPS locator, run his iPod, and more.

His own site has the details:
So, why did I create a whole webpage about my motorcycle?

It runs UNIX!

I removed the charcoal can, and cut out most of the plastic casing to install a Shuttle SV24 Flex-ATX motherboard in the tail section. I cut off the rest of the case except for the bare minimum required to bolt in a PCI card on the riser, and all 4 motherboard mounting screws.

I've upgraded the CPU to a P3 Coppermine 1Ghz and added 256MB of RAM. Beneath the 'case', or whats left of it anyway is a 40GB Seagate hard drive.
Microsoft makes an operating system for cars, but it makes sense that this guy chose UNIX — because motorcycles don't have windows. (Har!)


Anonymous said...

That is wicked! I've got to build one! Except I don't have a motorbike. Ya think I could install one on my bicycle? 

Posted by a guy in pajamas

Anonymous said...

Hey, pajama guy... if you figure out how, let me know. 

Posted by Brian



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