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Aggregate demand

"Aggregator" sites, which round up posts from throughout the blogosphere, are a good way to quickly scan a wide range of blogs.

One I like is Punditdrome, which shows the syndicated feeds from lots of blogs (including mine!), grouped into helpful categories.

Another good aggregator, this one in the style of Matt Drudge's Drudge Report, is Wes Roth's... you guessed it, Roth Report. Wes points out interesting blog posts as well as straight news stories in a straightforward, efficient style.

If you're falling behind in your blog reading, or if you're stuck in a rut of reading just the same few sites every day, check these guys out.

The creator of Punditdrome pointed out to me in an email that it's really more of a "selective table of contents" than an "aggregator", since a live person, not a computer algorithm, is putting it together.

No offense intended. I use "aggregator" to refer to any site that primarily gathers together external links instead of generating content — whether it's done by a human or a machine.




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