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Onikoube, Baby!

We got back from Onikoube ("Devil's Neck") earlier today, and I'm giving it 5 stars, or whatever the top rating for ski resorts is supposed to be.

Key points:

     • Tons of light, fluffy powder

     • Amazing glades with trees just the right distance apart

     • Cool alpine-style lodge with great food

     • Wood-paneled onsen with view of the slopes

Did I mention the fluffy powder? There was one place on trail #5 ("Snake Road") where I made a sharp turn, shot a huge rooster tail into the air, and totally covered these two guys riding up on the lift.

Since they were mellow Japanese types, all they said was "Sugoi!" ("Awesome!"), instead of trying to track me down and beat me up.

Onikoube also has the best resort mascot I've seen so far, a lovable St. Bernard:

It certainly beats the Mt. Naeba Hitler Rabbit, and even the Nozawa Onsen Na.

It's not the biggest mountain you've ever seen, and the lifts are slow double-chairs. But if you're looking for a change from your usual Japanese ski resorts, Onikoube is well worth checking out.




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