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Moore is less

Recently, Jay Leno auctioned off a pearl-white 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King FLHR on eBay, to raise money for victims of December's killer tsunami. Since January 3, about 50 celebrity guests of "The Tonight Show" signed the motorcycle, which was donated by Harley-Davidson, as part of their appearances.

The auction ended Monday, with a $800,100 winning bid.

Not bad, but there's no telling how much higher bidding might have gone if the bike hadn't also been signed by Michael Moore.


Anonymous said...

>...if the bike hadn't also been signed by Michael Moore

Doesn't crayon come off pretty easily with hot water?

I saw an old man riding an Amazonas on the way to work today. Sweet. 

Posted by Justin

Anonymous said...

That and the Meg Ryan signature, among others. I know it helps the bike to sell for a lot, but I'm willing to bet that if Jay had just signed the bike himself, it would have gone for a lot nearer to that @810K than "The Tonight Show" is willing to admit.

If that were my Harley, I'd be finding out what dissolves Sharpie ink right about now. 

Posted by Sharon



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