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Incredible collection

Coke and Pepsi commonly run promotions here in Japan where they'll attach some trinket in a plastic pouch to the neck of your soda bottle. It's kind of like the surprise inside a Cracker Jack box.

Normally, I just ignore them. But when I saw Pepsi's latest one — 24 figurines from The Incredibles, available only in Japan — I knew I had to go for it. I had to get them all.

This was harder than you might think, for two reasons.

First, the pouches are opaque, so you can't tell which figurine is attatched to the soda you're buying. Often, you'll end up with a duplicate of one you already have, while the ones you need remain tantalizingly hidden somewhere among the other bottles in the rack. I must have bought at least 70 bottles of soda to get all 24 figurines

Second, half of the figurines were attached only to bottles of regular Pepsi, and half to Diet Pepsi. Since I only drink Diet Pepsi, I had to buy numerous bottles of regular Pepsi that I knew I'd never drink.

Yet at last, I tore open a foil pouch last week and inside was the elusive "#3 Violet (Super Suit)". My collection was complete.

I am now officially a geek. How much do you think the whole set would go for on eBay?


Anonymous said...

You've certainly outdone me on your collection. 

Posted by Comrade_Tovarich



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