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I have got to get me one of these!

I love to snowboard. I love riding motorcycles.

But you couldn't do them both at the same time -- until now.

The immensely interesting GadgetryBlog brings news of the Wheelman:

If you don't think that's the coolest thing you've ever seen, then either you didn't read enough comic books while you were growing up, or you're my girlfriend. Or both.

It looks like something Batman would have, if he were younger and more laid-back. Finally, the motorized skateboards from that episode of Max Headroom have become reality.

So how do you ride this thing? From the manufacturer's description:
The learning curve of a Wheelman is very similar to skate/snow/surf board riding. And if you have any experience in these you will be surprised on how fast you pick it up.

At speed you use body movement to steer and at low speed (and you can ride a Wheelman at an extremely slow pace) you can angle the front wheel from side to side with your foot.

The speed is controlled by a pneumatic ball held in your hand, the more you squeeze, the more fun you have!
Squeeze ball for fun, got it. How do I stop?
To stop, all you need to do is stop squeezing the ball. The vehicle will slow quickly but smoothly, then you angle the toes of your rear foot toward the ground until the pads come into contact, the harder you push the faster you stop. The vehicle remains quite stable and minimises the risk of being thrown over the front.
What could go wrong?

For bonus points, what movie does the title of this post come from, who said it, and what was he referring to?


Anonymous said...

"Independence Day"
Will Smith
The alien spacecraft. 

Posted by Don Poole

Anonymous said...

You win! ...a warm feeling of satisfaction, but no tangible prize.

Seriously, though, thanks for reading and commenting. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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