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I don't plan to try this any time soon

The craziest event of the Winter X Games is probably "Moto X" -- essentially freestyle motocross on snow:

Last year at Winter X, Brian Deegan of Temecula fell from the heavens like a sack of cement after letting go of his bike while trying a 360-degree rotation off the 90-foot kicker. He lay in a heap, bleeding internally, with a broken femur and two broken wrists.

Doctors put him back together and he came back this year for more in the best-trick contest, taking first place in Saturday's preliminaries — with a back flip with a foot release — and winning the gold with the same trick in Sunday night's finals.

Not advancing to the finals was Chuck Carothers, who crash-landed on top of his sideways bike while trying his signature trick: the Carolla, which involves laying out over his seat and rolling his body in mid-air.

A dazed Carothers eventually stood and raised his arms to indicate he was OK, only to be tackled by Deegan, who was apparently happy to see that his buddy was still alive.
Sure, it sounds dangerous, but let's see them try handling Tokyo traffic.


Anonymous said...

I haven't driven in Tokyo, but I spent a year in Manilla and I'll stack that driving experience up against anyones!

Great blog btw. 

Posted by Dave Justus

Anonymous said...

I see your Manila and raise you Ko Samui (Thailand).

Dirt road, traffic in both directions. Rental bike. Rental helmet too small to wear. Gearshift linkage fell off the bike while I was riding it. 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

In the early '70s, a then-hippy relative of mine, had a friend who was into motorcycle ice racing--two wheels, big spikes, thick ice, serious potential for bodily harm--for both fun and supplemental income. The friend loved the sport but often found it necessary to power up before a race with illicit stimulants. Yikes, in every way! 

Posted by comrade_tovarich



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