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Gone boardin'

I'm off for a little snowboarding with my girlfriend at Onikoube in Miyagi prefecture.

It's kind of out-of-the-way, and I've never been there before. Because we're kicking off a three-day weekend (Friday through Sunday) at the height of the ski season, the big resorts were booked solid, so we're giving this lesser-known place a shot.

Blogging may be light to nonexistent until I get back Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

What is snowboarding like out there. Does the region get good snow in general? 

Posted by gindy

Anonymous said...

Hey... you caught me on my way out the door.

In a word: YES. Japan gets amazing, dry, powdery snow in huge amounts. It seems like day after day of fresh snowfall is the rule, not the exception.

It's true there are not a lot of lift-serviced areas in Japan where the terrain is very steep or extreme. But there are a few, and the excellent snowfall makes up for it everywhere else. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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