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The game is afoot!

One of the great mysteries of the blogosphere is why Charles Johnson's excellent blog is named "Little Green Footballs".

The site's reader-created FAQ states:

Q. Where does the name “little green footballs” come from?

A. Charles ain’t telling…
Well, we've just had a huge break in the case, in the form of the following paragraph from a New York Sun article profiling Johnson and the prominence of his blog:
Mr. Johnson, who is 51, founded Little Green Footballs early in 2001 as an offshoot of his Web-design business. He won't disclose what those titular footballs mean, saying only that they're not a drug reference, that they have something to do with a stay in Japan, and that there were "actual little green footballs involved."
I'm putting on my pajamas and getting to the bottom of this.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Cool! You are uniquely positioned to find out the truth, GB. 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

wow the true meaning of LGF This is a quest right up there with the meaning of life or the holy grail.Think of the fame that will decend on the person who answers that riddle. 

Posted by gbfan001

Anonymous said...

Fortune and glory, kid... fortune and glory. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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