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FCCJ hosts comedy show mocking Bush

On Wednesday night, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan decided to put the serious policy and current events discussions on hold and kick back with a little lighthearted entertainment:

The Entertainment Committee is proud to announce a departure from our usual fare. On February 16 we will host a night of comedy the likes of which you have never seen and will not want to miss.

Ms. Sumiko Tamuro, who last year brought us the well-received performance of Samuel Beckett's "Play," is now back with a three-act comedy show that is sure to send you howling. A combination of standup comedy, music and film, and a one-act play, you will be treated to political satire related mainly to Iraq.

You will not want to miss this very timely performance.
And what is Ms. Tamuro's take on the Iraq situation? Her theatre group, Sin Titulo, provides a helpful explanation of her show, "Axis of Comedy":
“Axis of Comedy" satirically alludes to President Bush's all-too-famous "Axis of Evil."

We had once hoped for world peace after the end of the cold war, but current events inform us otherwise. America's demeanor reminds us of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Emperor's New Clothes." Japan, of course, is tailing behind the emperor like a page holding his imaginary mantle.

Events in real life are at times cruel, foolish, and absurd, more tragic and comedic than theatre itself. Sin Titulo's comedy show allows its audience to laugh away some — if only for an evening — of our world's absurdity.
This is the sort of fare that our unbiased professional journalistic community finds amusing.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like the Japanese press is almost as anti-American as the American press. 

Posted by Dave Justus

Anonymous said...

The FCCJ is made up of non-Japanese (hence the "Foreign" in the name) reporters who are based in Japan.

So they are not the "Japanese press", but OUR press, and that of other countries. 

Posted by GaijinBiker

Anonymous said...

Rather than satirize one or more of the many interesting subjects/events taking place in the world today, the lazy journalist turns to the "Lazy Man's Standby" , President George W. Bush.

You're really pathetic if the annual Bar Association show in your average city or town is wittier and more entertaining than yours. This goes whether you hail from D.C., London or Tokyo, doesn't it? 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

How long has 'The Emperor's New Clothes' been around? And still we keep genuflecting to the naked twits, wherever they live.

Maybe now that we have the Classic Emperor for the whole world to see, things will change. 

Posted by jomama

Anonymous said...

Imagine, staging an absurd play lampooning a supposedly naked president when it is you who have been running around naked for decades, calling for everyone to admire your new clothes and worship you. How absurd!

Bloggers have been the small boys calling out, "Hey, Dan Rather is naked!" "Hey, Eason Jordan isn't wearing anything!" And the MSM has been saying "Hush! Don't say that!"

Isn't it wonderfully funny that life has one-upped their paean to absurdity? 

Posted by a guy in pajamas



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