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Delusions of grandeur

Do you ever get the feeling that some dictators want Bush to threaten them so they can feel important?

Myanmar’s military leader warns against West

YANGON: Myanmar leader General Than Shwe on Saturday warned his country to be alert against the West after his military junta was slammed for arresting pro-democracy leaders.

“The old and new colonialists alike bent on occupying and holding sway over our union have hatched wicked schemes to weaken our national solidarity which is the foundation of our union,” Shwe said.

North Korea accuses US of seeking to invade
SEOUL: North Korea on Saturday said the United States was seeking to invade North Korea in order to turn the Korean peninsula into a springboard for its dominance in Asia.

Rodong Sinmun, the official daily of the Stalinist country’s ruling Korean Workers Party, also accused Washington of exploiting “human rights” issues in order to cover up its hegemonic agenda.

The comments came two days after Pyongyang said it would no longer engage in multilateral talks aimed at resolving a stand-off over its nuclear programmes, declaring it had made atomic bombs to protect itself against a US attack.
You can almost hear Shwe and Kim thinking, "Bush is spending all his time on the Middle East... but what about me? What does a guy have to do to get noticed over here?"


Anonymous said...

"What's a guy have to do?" has got me grinning big, especially as I detest Kim and the Burmese goons (I once taught a group of Burmese refugees from the 1988 (was it?) student protests, all of whom had fled to Thailand and been living illegally while applying for asylum; one of my students had the textbook he happened to be carrying that day shot out of his hands). And only today did I finally ogle your profile (or I'd forgotten previous ogling) and find you're a Flaming Lips and Ween fan. Kim's ceiling is bending and he might try to escape on a poop-ship destroyer, eh? 

Posted by Comrade_Tovarich



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