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British government to "mainstream" biking (MCN) reports that Britain has unveiled its first-ever Government National Motorcycling Strategy:

Tony Blair's Government has finally come up with a National Motorcycling Strategy — eight years after he first told MCN it was on its way.

Better late then never — because the great news is that this is a strategy designed to fully recognise motorcycling as a genuinely mainstream mode of transport — and shows evidence of a new and positive approach to bikes.

Transport Minister David Jamieson announced the strategy today, Tuesday February 22, recognising an increase in the number of two-wheeled vehicles, resulting from the desire to beat traffic jams — and to have fun.
I posted earlier about how "congestion charges" on driving a car into central London has lead to an increase in the number of bikers — and, because bikers are more cautious on the roads, a fall in the number of accidents.

At a time when the European Union is threatening to create unnecessary new rules making it more difficult for would-be motorcyclists to get licensed, it's good to see Britain taking a stand for common sense.




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