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Biker babe

The Associated Press reports on Tiffany Sloan, a 17-year-old who has been beating boys in motorbike races, including some with studded tires on ice tracks, since she was 14.

Plus, she's tough:

She's never broken a bone, but she crashed once at a race in Florida. She'd laid the bike down "nice and easy," but someone clipped her handlebar and it hit her in the stomach. She began hyperventilating, and health workers thought she was bleeding internally.

"They had me in the ambulance and ready to stick IVs in my arm, but I told them no, I was going to keep racing. So they let me go," she said.
What a girl.

Note: The snow at Niseko is the lightest and fluffiest I've ever seen it in four years of coming here. I don't have the time to write up ultra-long posts, and the Internet connection here is via a pretty shaky dial-up modem, so this week I may be just pointing out a few interesting stories and keeping it short. Regular blogging will resume after I get back Friday night.




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