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The thanks we get, Pt. 3

Previously, Islamic Defenders Front vice-chairman Hilmy Bakar Almascaty demanded that female relief workers in Indonesia wear Islamic clothing and subject themselves to Sharia law.

Now, Reuters reports he's opened his falafel hole again, warning tsunami relief workers from foreign countries not to step out of line:

We can work together. But if they came here with some hidden agenda -- colonialism, imperialism or missionary, I think this is very, very dangerous.
How about a hidden agenda to teach this ingrate some manners?

James Ozark spots this article at The Age (registration required), and wonders whether radical Muslim groups like Dr. Almascaty's will deliberately stir up "incidents" with American relief workers to make the U.S. look bad if it responds with military force.

Meanwhile, as The Age reports, Dr. Almascaty is explicitly threatening to attack the infidel relief workers, and warns them about boozin' it up and stealin' his womenfolk:
"If anyone who comes here does not respect the Shariah law, traditions and constitution, we must give them a warning and then we must attack," he said.

Dr Almascaty said his group was co-ordinating with MMI and with another hardline group that is banned in many countries, Hizbut Tharir, in their plan to curtail Western influence.

"You cannot build a bar here," he said. "If you go to your room to drink that is no problem, but you can't drink in a public area."

He warned foreign soldiers and aid workers: "Don't go with Acehnese women, with Muslim women. If you come here and take women and try to westernise them, this is a problem for me."
P.S: I'm not sure what "Dr." Almascaty is a doctor of, or where he got his doctorate. Sure do sound impressive though, don't it?




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