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Snowed inn

I mentioned in my posts on snowboarding at Mt. Naeba and Nozawa Onsen that Japan's mountain regions have been getting loads of snowfall.

How much? Enough to kill you even if you stay inside.

NIIGATA — Two men died Wednesday after being buried under snow when the roof of a Japanese inn damaged by the Oct 23 earthquake in Niigata Prefecture collapsed because of accumulated snow, police said.

The roof of the bathroom of Shinodakan, a Japanese-style inn in Ojiya, collapsed at around 8:15 p.m. when the two men were taking a bath, the police said, adding about 1.5 meters of snow had accumulated on the roof at the time of the incident. (Kyodo News)
With its citizens getting crushed to death by massive snowfall, maybe global warming isn't Japan's biggest problem.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be insensitive, but I can think of worse things than being killed while soaking in a nice hot bath. Maybe builders of new ryokan or other inns in winter resort areas should build roofs in that steep chalet-style rather than the flat roofs one finds in areas that don't get as much snow. Then again, perhaps the Japanese aren't as litigious as Americans, and thus builders' first thoughts are not how to avoid a law suit. 

Posted by Sharon



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