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Rock and Awe

New York Magazine and The Washington Times each take a look at conservative cover band Coalition of the Willing.

True, it's made up of a U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, the U.S. ambassador to Russia, two business and military consultants, and the Hungarian ambassador to the U.S. But after the spectacle of Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, the Dixie Chicks, and other artists railing against Bush, it's reassuring to see that pop music and conservative views can mix.

According to band member Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, who gave up a professional career playing with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers to become a defense consultant to the Pentagon:

In the seventies and eighties, the coolest thing was to be in a rock band. The coolest thing now is to be in the fight against terrorism.
Rock on, dude.




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