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I'm a fish!

Notice anything different?

Well, at present, I'm a Flippery Fish in The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem of blog rankings. This represents a big step up from my previous status as a Slimy Mollusc and, before that, an Insignificant Microbe.

I started Riding Sun just two months ago. I owe its growth to you, the readers -- especially those of you who've linked to it on your own blogs, like POV and The Roth Report. (Unfortunately, I hadn't joined the Ecosystem back when Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs gave me my first-ever blogalanche.)

They're all linked in the sidebar, along with lots of other interesting blogs. If there are some you haven't seen already, I encourage you to check them out.

Special thanks go to Captain 2Slick at 2Slick's Forum, who's sent monster amounts of hits my way. 2Slick's a Black Hawk helicopter pilot recently back from service in Iraq and Kuwait. He managed to keep up a top-notch blog while serving our country in a war zone. I stand in awe.

Anyway, I'm not exactly sure how the Ecosystem works, but I think my ranking will drop like a stone unless I keep on attracting readers and linkers. And if I break my arm patting myself on the back, I won't be able to type. So, enough celebrating -- it's time for more blogging!


Anonymous said...

Congrats very nice jump in one day me thinks the blogs author might have something to do about that. This keeps up we will have to start doing crazy stuff like saying "first" when we are the first commenter lol.

So look out Kos that little black speck in your rearview mirror is gb and he is coming fast lol


Posted by gbfan001

Anonymous said...

one other quick thought soon your traffic will be high enough that you can start taking kick backs and bribes to write nice stuff about people lol


Posted by gbfan001

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the spike today was due to a link from 2Slick. I have a lot more blogging to do before I can count on that much traffic every day. 

Posted by GaijinBiker



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