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Dim Dems' Damn Dimes

It looks like Not One Damn Dime Day -- when Americans were urged to avoid spending any money in protest against Bush's inauguration -- has come and gone without a trace.

Like Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs, I decided to deliberately blow a little cash on my ride instead, giving it a full tune-up down at the bike shop. (Of course, I'm in Japan, so my spending won't really impact the U.S. economy, but it still felt good.)

Clearly, however, sensible folks need to stage a separate event to stamp out the idiocy that led to such a completely meaningless gesture.

I suggest a single day on which all Americans are encouraged to refrain from engaging in silly, empty protests against Bush.

The name? We could call it "Not One Dim Dem Day".


Anonymous said...

I'll help out here with the international "Not One Dim Dem Day" effort. I think you'll find a lot of disgruntled Chicagoans who'd be more than happy to participate. We'd like to put an end to the corrupt Daley political machine that has plagued us for decades! 

Posted by Sharon

Anonymous said...

Pick a day, mate. What'll it be? 

Posted by a guy in pajamas



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