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Balanced reporting

The Chicago Sun-Times looks at Japan's influence on Frank Lloyd Wright in an article titled "The Japanese Aesthetic":

Anyone who has traveled to Japan has come away impressed by the orderly nature of Japanese society. Such symmetry would inspire Frank Lloyd Wright after he first set sail for Japan on Valentine's Day, 1905.

...Deeply inspired, Wright then began work on Unity Temple, now considered one of his crowning achievements. A Japanese influence can be found in the temple's asymmetrical layout and architectural details, including its hanging lamps, woodwork and windows (which resemble ramma, perforated ventilation panels over sliding screens).
Well, at least they're not being one-sided.

The original article is no longer available for free on the Sun-Times website. Google's cached version is here.


Anonymous said...

"Well, at least they're not being one-sided." ROTFLMAO!

I read that article when it came out in the Sunday Sun-Times a couple of weeks ago. It's too bad the hotel no longer stands, but Wright's work has never been hailed for its' durability. Falling Water is perhaps the best example of both Wright's genious as an aesthete and his incompetence as an engineer.


Posted by Sharon



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