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My wild and dangerous lifestyle

In his amusing 1998 Dilbert book The Joy of Work, Scott Adams suggests ways to increase your perceived value at work. Under the sub-heading "Be Mysterious and Eccentric", Adams suggests, among other things:

Leave ambiguous clues about your wild and dangerous lifestyle. Put motorcycle keys on your desk where people will see them...
These and other steps, he writes, "will give you a reputation as a mysterious and dangerous player."

Let me tell you, it doesn't work.


Big Ben said...

It's not Adams' fault, it's just that times have changed since 1998. Nowadays you have to park the actual motorcycle on your desk to get the desired effect.

People have become numbed to the whole "mysterious" thing, so you have to go straight to "dangerous".

fasteddie said...

sounds like being a neo-con at your office should be dangerous and wild enough, as long as you don't get slapped by a drunk Japanese girl, for supporting a "bad man."

GaijinBiker said...

Excellent point, fast eddie.

Reminds me of an article about one reason why conservative political beliefs are increasingly popular among teenagers being that they see being conservative as a way to rebel against their parents and teachers.




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